I’m leaving the house for a 4 day trip which I don’t love doing. However, it always quells my anxiety to play with flowers just before I go! Here’s today’s result:

This time of year I just run out back and see what’s blooming:


I put these in one if my favorite glass containers with some water:



It took about 6 minutes! Love the result.



Beautiful! I love a neutral palette and adding pops of color with flowers and accessories! This way, you can change it up often, inexpensively, and quickly!

A Detailed House

I have been pondering so much lately – the outside of my house because of the nice weather, but also a few rooms in my house, which led me to look for some inspiration. Spring always brings on new projects for me – I just get the itch!!

I think dark and light rooms are very smart looking when done right. I also like them infused with a “pop” of another color to prevent them from looking to sterile or serious. Here are some pictures that I have found interesting for one reason or another (but some could use a 3rd color) :

My floors have gotten a little worn, which I like because it gives credence to the house being old, but I do like dark and glossy!

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This is on my list to visit!


I read about The Glasgow Ship Bank at WeHeart. This Ship bank was built in 1842 and restored in 1999. The Corinthian Club has re-opened, after a multimillion-pound refurbishment led by Graven Images. The company Graves Images won the Elle Decoration Best Interior award on their work on the Corinthian club.

I just love this building! It has a contemporary touch of elegance! The wonderful glass balconies overlooking the casino. Just by looking around you gets feeling of the high society in 1842.

” Elsewhere, modern touches are fused with the building’s original decedent glamour – delivering a shamelessly opulent venue that quite simply cannot be ignored…”

Quotes and pictures are from WeHeart!

Maggie ❤

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OMG listing.

Oh my goodness! I love Almost every city I travel to, I have to take a peek. I was surprised recently by how high home prices were in Austin, TX. I grew up in Connecticut, my sister went to Fairfield U…. Could you just die for this house? its listed in Fairfield, CT. I would live in it even if I did have to die and come back as a ghost to do so!






The property and location are stunning.

The windows, the pool, the beach, wow!!

20120323-214306.jpg Love a gate with an ivy covered fence.



20120323-214418.jpgWOW!! Love the color palette. (or lack there-of. Also, the architecture is somehow so traditional, yet modern. Perfect!

Magnolias at Night

Two things here; magnolias in bloom and landscape lighting. Magnolias speak for themselves. Landscape lighting is a great thing. It adds not only drama and beauty, but security, as well. My backyard is no longer scary at night since we can see what’s going on out there! As an added bonus, we can appreciate our blooms around the clock!

Megan Winters Atelier

Traditional Home had a small blurb about this designer this month. Loved her website! Every aspect of every room is perfect! I love when design studios lay it all out for you. These photos are screen captures taken directly from her website.












She mixes genres, colors, patterns and textures seamlessly. Totally inspiring eye candy, for sure!


Dream big, work hard!