Capturing the moment, making the most of it.

“Have a clear vision of your goal.

Help others get to where you want to go.

Keep your living space peaceful, warm, inviting, organized. Make it your sanctuary.

Remember that money is your servant, not your master.

Maintain moderation in all things.

Keep healthy and fit.

Exercise wisdom in choices of food, entertainment, friends, habits, etc…

Spend time in a way that furthers your goals. Leisure time is allowed and important but enjoy in moderation.

Exercise discipline in terms of daily goals.

Plan tomorrow today.

Stay on track!

Pray and have faith.

Keep perspective.

Practice gratitude FREQUENTLY!”

I found this on a scrap of paper that is who knows how many years old. I’m not sure if I wrote this, copied it or paraphrased from elsewhere, but I love it all the same! (I think I wrote it, but someone please let me know if I’m a plagiarist!)





Flying into Milan
Ditching the train to rent a car. Had to grab a bite while waiting for employees to return to car rental shop from a 2+ hour lunch.

20130510-234426.jpg First view of Lake Garda. Beautiful water.

Our first stop; Gargnano, a sleepy little town where locals come on summer vacation. Peaceful.

The view from our side balcony.


Main balcony. Evening drinks and breakfast buffet happens here.

More Flower Fun..

My recent wedding had me ampped and particularly psyched about, what else, FLOWERS! Initially I toyed with the idea of doing them myself and then thought better of it! Here is a little trial I did while it was still a viable idea:



Wedding Flowers

A Touch of Elegance in Randolph, NJ did all the flowers for my wedding. Lisa was amazing to work with and she was the one vendor I knew I didn’t have to worry about at all! She can read minds. Seriously. Here is one of my three table designs.


Love submerged flowers!

Christmas Ornaments (As always, dreaming of Paris)

I made these last year.  As with most things I do, it was easy!  I cut Eiffel Tower shapes out of cardboard, then I glued and glittered!

Fall Time!

Fall comes with a lot of divided feelings for me. Con: Summer is over! Pro: The weather is gorgeous! Con: But winter is coming and I hate the cold!   Pro: But I love the decorating and lighting candles in the early twighlights.   Con: Back to school.  Pro: Back to football!   Have I ever mentioned that I love football?  Go Steeler’s!!

It truly is exciting, however, to focus back indoors, reasses indoor projects and begin the seasonal decorating that begins with autumn, halloween, and harvest time, rolls right into the Christmas and New Years and culminates with Valentines day and fresh dreams of spring.

Here is one fall decorating idea that I plan to try.

This was created to mimic a look often seen in the Pottery Barn catalogue, one of my original favorite places to go for design inspiration.  The look was recreated inexpensively by hot gluing a candle stick to a glass container and placing a glass candle inside along with some dried leaves.  Happy autumn.

Flowers, Chic and Cheap- Book Review

This book was great! Big, colorful photos, not too much reading. You can whiz through it in an hour or two and learn a lot.


Carlos Mota has a simple, modern aesthetic. I like that he focuses on one or two flower varieties and one or two colors. He also uses all kinds of unexpected, colorful containers as part of his design.

The container above is actually a wastebasket!

Paint cans and peonies!

A paper bag with, of course, a glass container inside!




Love this series of “I love NY” mugs. The red carnations look modern with the green Pom poms. Very inexpensive!

Colorful tea canisters!

A salsa jar…

Fine china and English Roses.

This a watering can. Here, Carlos is using rosemary as greenery. Great idea for an aromatic arrangement!


Such simplicity and elegance!

Pink Roses and mint accents.

Babies breath as the main attraction. Can’t get more inexpensive than that. The book is called “Flowers, Chic and Cheap” and Carlos delivers on that promise!