I am going to use this space to flirt with all my loves. My object is to curate my life. I want to create for myself a beautiful existence filled with all good things. Pretty things. Candy for the eyes, mind and soul….

I love so very many things; Art, interior design, dance, theater, acting, jewelry, flowers, chocolate, travel, architecture, archaeology, art history, antiques, martial arts, ancient armor, healthful living, living… So many things! Anytime I have tried to specialize in my life, it has made me uncomfortable. I get a funny feeling. If I’m studying jewelry design 24/7, I start to miss sitting in an empty theater rehearsing and watching the lights go up.  I’ve done archaeology field school and camped in the remotest parts of Africa.  But then I missed NY fashion week and getting dressed up in heels and hitting the town! If I immerse myself fully in this, when will I have time for that?  This has been the mentality.  However, a string of recent events have opened me up to the idea that you can curate your life like you curate a room. You can indulge in bits of everything and nothing has to clash. Not if you do it right.


One thought on “About

  1. Very nice, jessica. Every post is like a window into another world. I loveyou what you wrote in the about section above. You don’t have to be defined by a single occupation, interest, location…you can indulge in bits of everything if you do it right! I’m gonna quote you 😉 xoxo

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