Capturing the moment, making the most of it.

“Have a clear vision of your goal.

Help others get to where you want to go.

Keep your living space peaceful, warm, inviting, organized. Make it your sanctuary.

Remember that money is your servant, not your master.

Maintain moderation in all things.

Keep healthy and fit.

Exercise wisdom in choices of food, entertainment, friends, habits, etc…

Spend time in a way that furthers your goals. Leisure time is allowed and important but enjoy in moderation.

Exercise discipline in terms of daily goals.

Plan tomorrow today.

Stay on track!

Pray and have faith.

Keep perspective.

Practice gratitude FREQUENTLY!”

I found this on a scrap of paper that is who knows how many years old. I’m not sure if I wrote this, copied it or paraphrased from elsewhere, but I love it all the same! (I think I wrote it, but someone please let me know if I’m a plagiarist!)



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